this is my favorite line in the history of ahs




One of my favorite quote of Malcolm in the middle.

Happy birthday to me

My bday every year


And I am also very grateful that my husband is an amazing man and is man enough to step up to the plate for me every single time, without a second thought. My rida ❤️

Lately I’ve been very irritated with myself and telling myself to just give up because of some mistakes that I’ve made recently. For some reason I’ve always felt like if I’m not perfect at something naturally I shouldn’t be doing it. That combined with listening to other people’s opinions has really torn my confidence down but you know what? I’m not perfect, nor did I ever say I was, nor will I ever be. I AM HUMAN. And whoever can’t understand that can really fuck off lol and probably isn’t supposed to be in my life anyway. I can’t help people being critical but I can help how it affects me and I know this is such a simple, cliche epiphany but sometimes I forget how bad ass I really am and all of the great things I do. I’m only 19 and sometimes I forget that I make my own rules and my own decisions. So things are about to get very different for me and I’m very, very excited :)

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